Welcome to MathTime winter semester 2017/18!

MathTime Mathematics-Courses are for interested students of grades 5, 6 or 7 (in Austrian nomenclatura: 1., 2. und 3. grade Unterstufe). The courses cover various mathematical topics from the areas of Geometry, Arithmetic and Algebra but also from mathematical areas seldom represented in school curricula like Topology, Combinatorics or Matrices (e.g. Linear Algebra).
Students can be introduced to the above material with almost no prerequisites and very interesting insights and problems can be reached and solved. The courses are not intended to prepare for Mathematics-Olympiads or for other competitions although problems from such competitions might well be a topic from time to time and if the participants request it, we can focus more intensely on competitions. From time to time working mathematicians will be invited in order to introduce us to more material.
The aim of MathTime is to deal continuously with mathematics and to experience the richness and fascination of this field of knowledge. It is not only about knowing that interesting mathematical fact exist but also about delving into a topic, about gaining familiarity, about increasing one’s know-how. Mathematics takes place in our heads and consists of a big number of various and unexpectedly thrilling games. Work in this direction will not always be easy, but the feeling to have understood something is quite special and one wants to experience it again and again. That’s what the MathTime courses are about: as often as possible to experience the understanding of mathematics and to become familiar with the ways of attaining this understanding.


Solely interest and the willingness to commit oneself to the training!
Skill doesn’t play a role! Initially each child brings a different knowledge level. Experience shows that mathematical abilities and skills can be improved by continuous training. Everyone with interest and commitment will profit from these courses.


For the coming winter semester 2017/18 the following MathTime-courses will be offered again:

Course A1:

Monday, 15:00 to 16:15 (for all interested)
Dates: 16., 23., 30. October; 6., 13., 20., 27. November; 4., 11., 18. December
Reserve dates: 8., 15., 22. January

Course A2:

Monday, 16:30 to 17:45 (for all interested)
Dates: 16., 23., 30. October; 6., 13., 20., 27. November; 4., 11., 18. December
Reserve dates: 8., 15., 22. January

Location for courses A1 & A2:

Musikgymnasium Wien, Neustiftgasse 95-99, 1070 Wien
(Bus 48A, Zieglergasse Station – either via U2/U3-Volkstheater Station or via U6-Burggasse Station/Stadthalle)


Course B1:

Saturday, afternoon (for advanced students)
Dates: 23. September; 14., 28. October; 4., 11., 18., 25. November; 2., 9., 23. December
Reserve dates: 13., 20. January

Location und time for the B1 course still to be announced.



The course fee for the winter semester 2017/18 amounts to EUR 150,-.
Children who have already participated in a MiniMath course get 10% off (the fee in this case is EUR 135,-).


A course will take place when a minimum of 5 students register. The maximum number of participants is 15 per course.
Each course consists of 10 units a 75 minutes.
The courses are going to be continued in the subsequent semesters.


– per e-mail: thinkingandscribbling@gmail.com
– per phone: +43 (0)664 619 25 46
Thank you for your interest!
With kind regards,
Emil Simeonov